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Love "Notions"
Love Letters

»         Put kiss candies on the floor and flowers in the shower then write a note with the flowers saying "Now that I have kissed the floor that you walk on, let me shower you with flowers."

»        When they aren't looking put a love letter in their pocket.

»        Spray your love letters with perfume /  splash with aftershave.

»        Write love letters at least monthly.

»          Write a long love letter, then seal it with a kiss and mail it to him with your reservation for www.Jasmers.com and pictures.

»        Write a love letter and put it in a glass bottle. Place the bottle somewhere that you know your love will find it.

»        Give your love a letter opener on a Friday (or Saturday) give her 4 envelopes (not all at once) the first one is where you are going for dinner, the second has a tape with love songs, the third has DVD Title to the movie she has been dying to see, and the fourth has a letter that says "I Love You".

»        Send a loving e-mail, poem or letter to your loved one.

»        Write down the 26 letters of the alphabet (placed in vertical order on the paper) and write down a description of your boyfriend/husband that starts with that letter. Example: A -- Awesome; B -- Breathtaking; C -- Cuddly; D -- Delicious; E -- Exciting; F – Frolick; G – Genuine;-- H -- Handsome; I -- Ingenious; J -- Jewel; K -- Kind; L -- Lover; M -- Masculine; N -- Neat; O -- Outstanding; -- And so on. It helps if you have a thesaurus at hand to look up words that describe your mate.

»        On a special occasion put a little confetti or tiny heart cutouts (not a whole lot though) on top of the visor in his car. When he brings down the visor to block the sun the confetti will sprinkle down on him. You could also put a love letter or love-note there.

»        Hand write love letters and leave them under the pillow.

»        Bring Your Old Lover Letters

»        Write them a letter using the letters of their name to start each line.

»        Write them a letter that has I LOVE YOU as the first letter of each line.

»          Send your love a letter with confetti hearts inside of the letter so they pour out everywhere when your sweetheart opens it.

»        Just write them a letter that says "I LOVE YOU" all through it, and it sure will lift their spirits.

»        Frame your love letter and leave it on the dresser.

»        On a plastic white or light colored plate, write a love letter creatively in permanent pen. Make dinner and leave the plate in place of your normal serving ware. (Make sure to switch it back before putting food on it.)

»        Leave a love note hidden under the pillow.

»        Write a sweet one page or more love note every few days. Leave it in various places where they can see it.

»        Leave several post it notes with loving comments or compliments so that they will be found eventually.

»        Take an empty bottle, and give it a label like romance medicine, take as needed. Then write out 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime that a cure was needed!!

»         Get your love a candle which is shaped like a rose and leave a note with it that says that you got this special rose because it will never die like natural roses, exactly like your love won't die like other natural relationships.

»          Leave a love note when and where your partner will least expect it.

»         Before your lover gets home, set little notes all around the house. Start with one the refrigerator or on something they will notice, then do as many as you want and then let the last one be a wonderful surprise!

»         Buy her a ring and place it on her finger as she sleeps. Then put a note somewhere you know it’ll be seen (the bathroom mirror) telling how much you love them.

»        Get a bunch of those Post-it notes, Write I Love You on them and leave them where they’ll be found. (i.e.. when he comes home to an empty house, when you leave for work while he is still sleeping....)

»         Leave a detailed note in his coat telling him what is waiting for him when he returns home.

»        Before you go to bed, place a little chocolate cupid on his or her pillow with a little love note.

»         Place a heart shaped note telling your lover just how you would like to be kissed each day under his pillow and watch out!

»        Placing a little bit of money in your beloved's pocket with a note that says "have a treat on me.

»        Leave a little love note somewhere you know they will find it... the freezer door, in the sunvisor, taped to the bottom of a glass, etc.

»        During the day, pick up a book or magazine you know your partner would love, and put love notes in between random pages.

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